We are so devastated by the senseless loss of life and the pain people are experiencing in our community.

There is much healing needed in our hearts and our homes, in our communities, and in our country. Let it begin now.

We want to help our Uptown Community stay vibrant and continue to be a central spot where folks can come to shop, eat, drink and enjoy an urban community retreat with friendly shops and sandy beaches.

Neighbors, friends, and fellow Minneapolis lovers…we need you more than ever.

Due to the pandemic and new challenges from social unrest we closed our doors for several months. As we look for paths to sustain and survive, we ask for your support.

Our Ask to Save Local Motion:

Rather than setting up a FundMe program to sustain the boutique, we are asking our friends to simply shop with us.

Treat yourself to a gorgeous item from our local and global artisans.

Enjoy the unique collection of curated art, clothes and jewelry carefully selected to inspire your creative expression.

If each of our amazing clients on LMB’s email list purchased just $100 we could sustain and continue for the coming year.

The vendors we support, our landlord who provides us with a beautiful space, and our staff who work at LMB want to sustain and continue to be part of our community.


We Are Opening:

LMB boutique will be open this weekend, June 5-7 with modified hours. Stop in and see Tonya

Friday-Sunday 11-5pm

We are also offering private shopping appointments. Or check out our FaceTime shopping events for fun shopping from home.

You can support LMB on-line at: localmotionboutique.shop

If you shop in person we are following social distancing guidelines. We are working to beautify our plywood. If the doors are locked just knock and we will greet you. Lake Aisle Bun, Corner Coffee and other local cafes are open. Grab a coffee on your way in… and support your local cafe


Our Charity Mission:

We know our local charities are struggling during this time of crisis.

A founding tenet of LMB is philanthropy in our art community.

We have previously supported our favorite charities hosting fashion events and auctions, however, this has not been possible due to the pandemic.

In the month of June we will donate 10% of all sales to
Ziggy’s Art Bus and Breanna’s Gift

Charities which bring art to children with chronic illnesses. If you shop in person we are also collecting food for our neighbors in need.
We will survive if we stick together.