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“Sparkle Into Spring” with Amy Torello

We can’t wait for you to see this inspiring work & Barb Heinrich will be in to see Amy & style you with her usual flare!
We are so excited to host this dynamic duo!

Amy Torello is a jewelry designer and global nomad that often calls Mexico home. Jewelry has long played an important role in Amy’s life; at sixteen she was introduced to silversmithing and her fate was sealed.

Embracing both traditional silversmithing techniques as well as modern technologies such as 3D printing and custom colored resins, Amy finds her inspirations everywhere. She is particularly fascinated with the relationship between color, movement, texture and form and seeks to create beautiful pieces that bring true joy to the women who wear her work. Her pieces can be found on stylish, discerning women the world over, fierce women who know exactly what they want out of life.

When Amy is not busy staying up late into the night creating new beauties, she is often found traveling light and discovering the world. And while it may be true that an urban atmosphere is what most arouses her imagination, deep in her soul, she continues to daydream of houses by the sea.